Monday, July 23, 2012

A Place In Time

Strolling along Kalakaua, you’re warmed by the Hawaiian sun and refreshed as the tropical breeze graces your tanned skin.  As you wander around the avenue, impressed by the fashion boutiques, surf shops and eateries, there is one place that will make you stop and forget everything else.  Tabora Gallery.

Just inside the entrance Eric, a life size bronze goat, covered in bazaar ornamentation and happily eating a twig, seemingly calls out to you. Intrigued by this creature, you enter and soon discover that he stands guard in a world filled with unexpected surprises, vibrant color, and endless inspiration that has been translated into paint, canvas and molded objects of desire.  The heart and soul of over 15 artists await your senses to be stimulated.

Many visitors find themselves enjoying their first gallery experience at Tabora.  Attracted by scenes of island landmarks, hula dancers, classic still life, and unique sculpture, the art rekindles times gone by and celebrates contemporary themes and design.  The diverse collection appeals to many tastes however, there is one genre that continually amazes everyone - the seascape.  I gave up counting how many first time and previous collectors have been mesmerized by Tabora’s illuminating waves, his glorious sunsets and the romantic moonlights created by his inner passion. Truly captivating, these seascapes transport you into their world, where you lose yourself in the taste of salty ocean air, delight in the water tickling your toes and the unexplained overwhelming desire to relax. Unexpectedly, you’ve surrender to a place in time.
The Tabora Gallery experience is like no other. Allow yourself a moment to come inside and “hang-loose” in an atmosphere that inspires you to let go and just be. It might be the moment you need, the moment you feel the longing to be part of something so wonderful that it changes you forever. The  moment you are swept away by a Tabora wave.... 

If by chance, you find that yourself miles away from our paradise, scroll through the pages of and let them help you find your place in time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Imagine losing everything, including those most dear to you in an unexpected moment of a natural disaster. Most of us cannot,  but we do know the panic one feels when we lose  keys, a wallet or even a child in the store.  Now multiple that feeling by a million and were only at the tip of what was felt in Japan.

We have been so grateful for the support the Japanese have given to the artist Roy Tabora over the years and we wanted to find a way to give back to them.  The Tabora Gallery Kokua, a Non-Profit Charity, to aid the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan was founded in March 2011. 

The poster, designed by Craig Ellenwood of Chormaco, Inc., features Roy Tabora's "New Beginnings" and is available for purchase with 100% of proceeds donated directly to aid those in need in Japan.

TO ORDER: Call (808) 922-5400 or email

18" x 24" poster - $20 unsigned // $40 signed
Order 5 and receive FREE SHIPPING

We would like to thank Hagadone Printing, Chromaco Inc, for partnering with us in this project.