Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunrise At Home

Every day I wake up to find three little faces staring at me. One by one they've escaped the series of friendly booby traps I've left as they make their way to my room. They are not stealthy; in fact, they are so loud the entire neighborhood knows they are awake. I keep my eyes shut and hold my breath so they think I'm sleeping, but who can fool a three-year old? I sense a presence and I know that my son is only inches from me. I wait because I know it's coming, "Mama, what you doing" he asks. I don't even have the energy to answer the obvious, "sleeping" before he can say the words "get up, the sun is over Diamond Head." I sigh and flip off the covers; it's time to start the day.  -By the way did I mention that it's only 5am, the sun has not risen, and we cannot see Diamond Head from our house? My son is looking at the painting above my bed!

When art is in your home it inspires even the smallest child. Art is intriguing and it can instigate all kinds of things. It can cause you to blush, to laugh, to look away, or it can cause your imagination to run wild. It may initiate the questions you've always wanted to ask, to ponder existence, the artist's motives or something as simple as your day's events. The right piece may encourage you to set your emotions free and yield greatness from within. The possibilities and effects from having art in your home are endless. It can give you strength when you have none, peace when you need rest and a wake up call to your day.

Art in your home becomes part of your life as it encourages you to live yours.