Saturday, October 27, 2012


George Eguchi, Juno Galang & Roy Tabora

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunrise At Home

Every day I wake up to find three little faces staring at me. One by one they've escaped the series of friendly booby traps I've left as they make their way to my room. They are not stealthy; in fact, they are so loud the entire neighborhood knows they are awake. I keep my eyes shut and hold my breath so they think I'm sleeping, but who can fool a three-year old? I sense a presence and I know that my son is only inches from me. I wait because I know it's coming, "Mama, what you doing" he asks. I don't even have the energy to answer the obvious, "sleeping" before he can say the words "get up, the sun is over Diamond Head." I sigh and flip off the covers; it's time to start the day.  -By the way did I mention that it's only 5am, the sun has not risen, and we cannot see Diamond Head from our house? My son is looking at the painting above my bed!

When art is in your home it inspires even the smallest child. Art is intriguing and it can instigate all kinds of things. It can cause you to blush, to laugh, to look away, or it can cause your imagination to run wild. It may initiate the questions you've always wanted to ask, to ponder existence, the artist's motives or something as simple as your day's events. The right piece may encourage you to set your emotions free and yield greatness from within. The possibilities and effects from having art in your home are endless. It can give you strength when you have none, peace when you need rest and a wake up call to your day.

Art in your home becomes part of your life as it encourages you to live yours.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Place In Time

Strolling along Kalakaua, you’re warmed by the Hawaiian sun and refreshed as the tropical breeze graces your tanned skin.  As you wander around the avenue, impressed by the fashion boutiques, surf shops and eateries, there is one place that will make you stop and forget everything else.  Tabora Gallery.

Just inside the entrance Eric, a life size bronze goat, covered in bazaar ornamentation and happily eating a twig, seemingly calls out to you. Intrigued by this creature, you enter and soon discover that he stands guard in a world filled with unexpected surprises, vibrant color, and endless inspiration that has been translated into paint, canvas and molded objects of desire.  The heart and soul of over 15 artists await your senses to be stimulated.

Many visitors find themselves enjoying their first gallery experience at Tabora.  Attracted by scenes of island landmarks, hula dancers, classic still life, and unique sculpture, the art rekindles times gone by and celebrates contemporary themes and design.  The diverse collection appeals to many tastes however, there is one genre that continually amazes everyone - the seascape.  I gave up counting how many first time and previous collectors have been mesmerized by Tabora’s illuminating waves, his glorious sunsets and the romantic moonlights created by his inner passion. Truly captivating, these seascapes transport you into their world, where you lose yourself in the taste of salty ocean air, delight in the water tickling your toes and the unexplained overwhelming desire to relax. Unexpectedly, you’ve surrender to a place in time.
The Tabora Gallery experience is like no other. Allow yourself a moment to come inside and “hang-loose” in an atmosphere that inspires you to let go and just be. It might be the moment you need, the moment you feel the longing to be part of something so wonderful that it changes you forever. The  moment you are swept away by a Tabora wave.... 

If by chance, you find that yourself miles away from our paradise, scroll through the pages of and let them help you find your place in time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Imagine losing everything, including those most dear to you in an unexpected moment of a natural disaster. Most of us cannot,  but we do know the panic one feels when we lose  keys, a wallet or even a child in the store.  Now multiple that feeling by a million and were only at the tip of what was felt in Japan.

We have been so grateful for the support the Japanese have given to the artist Roy Tabora over the years and we wanted to find a way to give back to them.  The Tabora Gallery Kokua, a Non-Profit Charity, to aid the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan was founded in March 2011. 

The poster, designed by Craig Ellenwood of Chormaco, Inc., features Roy Tabora's "New Beginnings" and is available for purchase with 100% of proceeds donated directly to aid those in need in Japan.

TO ORDER: Call (808) 922-5400 or email

18" x 24" poster - $20 unsigned // $40 signed
Order 5 and receive FREE SHIPPING

We would like to thank Hagadone Printing, Chromaco Inc, for partnering with us in this project.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Golden Surge

"Golden Surge"

Dancing across gold
Shinning in its majesty
Surging with power

Roy Tabora creates poetry.  It might not be in haiku form or as defined by a dictionary, however the feeling and ideas expressed by his emotion dance in rhythmic song across canvas.  There are times when you cannot define poetry, only appreciate it and when it comes to Tabora’s seascapes the same is true.
Creating a surge of power that falls at our feet, the ocean taunts the setting sun with its breaking waves.  The sun waits patiently for the perfect moment, and then it illuminates the water with its golden glow, filling nature with warmth. The ocean beckons for you to cross the untouched sand, to come closer and taste its salty kiss. It wants you to feel powerless in its splendor, to be captivated by its majesty and swept away in its song.
Undefined and appreciated, a Tabora painting is poetry.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gaylord Ho

Master sculptor Gaylord Ho believes that his greatest artistic inspiration comes from the observation of people’s activities and emotions. It is from this that his sculptures represent the human spirit in all of us as we strive to transcend the daily struggles of life and to become something more spiritually divine.  

“I am thankful to be in position in my life that I can create art to satisfy my own soul. With that freedom to create, a newfound inspiration to share my innermost emotions and observations with collectors of my sculptures has arrived.”

Gaylord’s goal in every sculpture is to bring to life the emotion of the moment. When you look at his work, you are aware that the love and emotion Gaylord pours into his pieces is pouring back out. The movement and fluidity of the work awakens your soul and captivates your senses. As the sculpture’s emotions cleave to you, your desire to hold on is strong. It is only when you look away that you can break the bond.  However, be warned, there is another Gaylord Ho sculpture waiting to take your breath away and fill you with its emotion!

Visit with Gaylord Ho on Friday and Saturday night from 7-9pm at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach Hotel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At Journey's End

"At Journey's End"
In the words of Roy Tabora, "At Journey's End" illustrates the notion and the belief that every good endeavor is rewarded.  This "journey" may be small or it may be life itself and the reward is symbolized by the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The pot of gold is the breaking wave, a universal source of pleasure. The egrets in flight are the viewers (which I do not normally include in the painting) flying in the direction of the reward. Why two egrets? Because the best things in life are better shared with a loved one, always!

An artist embarks on a journey when they stand before a new canvas. They ponder the direction the brush will take, the blending of paint, and the technique they must utilize to reach their destination. It is not always an easy journey; even the most acclaimed artists can become lost in the midst of swirling colors. Why then does an artist even start when they know it’s so easy to go off the road? 

There is a moment for every artist when they realize the end of their rainbow is waiting.  Roy Tabora knows his destination. His mind has traveled the path for days and sometimes months waiting for the opportunity to be set free. Filled with overwhelming emotion, his hand guides the brush while listening to his inner spirit direct its path. As he reaches perfection with each stoke, he waits patiently until a place of pleasure and delight has been found.  The journey is over and the reward shines bright as he shares it with us all. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roy Tabora

Roy Tabora

For anyone that has experienced the magical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, and wanted to capture that beauty for eternity, the paintings of Roy Tabora will hold a special place in their heart.  His imagery evokes nature's beauty in a myriad of settings and may transport the audience to a time and place of his own creation. The personal interpretation of his world as seen through his eyes comes from his heart. These compositions reflect the artist's deepest convictions and silently project the emotions he feels.

However, in spite of all that has been said or read about the art, the best way to experience the art is to see it in person.  When you are inches away from it, imagine the artist in that same spot where you stand and try to imagine the last stroke that was placed. 

And just when you think you have experienced this art to its fullest, imagine it in your home where you can access inspiration on a daily basis, starting your day with a glorious sunrise and ending under starlit skies.

Why Art?

"Heaven on Earth"

If you google the phrase “inspired life” you will find hundreds of books, quotes, recipes and even a guru or two that tell you exactly what it is…“A life filled with passion, personal fulfillment, joy and delicious food.” You can travel down a multitude of cyberspace rabbit holes and spend hours trying to figure it out. I spent so much time searching, I forgot to get inspired!

At Tabora Gallery, your search for inspiration does not need a manual or a guru telling you how to get there. Our inspiration is simple, pure and speaks for itself. When art is created from the heart, it calls to you and asks to be yours forever. Art can inspire thinking, healing, new beginnings, goodbyes, love and so much more. It is different for everyone but the result is the same - art inspires.

The art of Roy Tabora inspires. Waking up in the paradise leaves only one choice, to embrace the feeling the islands provoke.  They feed the heart and ignite Roy’s passion to create. Found in a beautiful sunrise, stormy day, or a romantic full moon, these feelings dance across the canvas forming art that inspires life.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tabora Birthday Show

It only comes once a year and when you're Roy Tabora it comes in an art gallery full of people that share one thing, his passion for beautiful art.

As Roy says, he was created to be a painter.  At the age of 6 when his brush first stroked the canvas he was "all in" and his destiny began.  In a few days he turns fifty-something and to be caught in his destiny is a great thing.  Over the years I have seen how his work has captured viewers and held them so tight that only tears of joy could be their release. It is because Roy's heart inspires his brush to perform magic before our eyes, evoking unknown emotions, poetry, memories and friendships that bring on an overwhelming desire.

Art for an inspired life... it's a good thing to be caught in his destiny.

Happy Birthday Roy!

Celebrate the Birthday Show as it continues Saturday, June 16 and Monday, June 18.  7-9pm
Tabora Gallery - Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach Hotel. (808) 922-5400