Saturday, March 12, 2016


An art show at Tabora Gallery is always a special occasion.  A lively celebration with local musicians, pupus and exceptional art sets the mood for collecting.  The gallery, filled with new and former collectors eager to discuss the works displayed, is also the perfect atmosphere to hang loose and talk story with the artists.

Expect to see new originals, limited edition releases and the rare opportunity to watch an artist work at the easel. It is an unforgettable experience to observe the masterful techniques that transform a blank canvas into a masterpiece. Often a lucky collector will acquire the painting created that night, knowing that something magical happened before their eyes and a memory of a lifetime was made.

Intimate moments spent with the artists are often filled with insightful commentary on their work, inspirational stories and amusing anecdotes. Beware… conversations have been know to ignite a passion for collecting!

Offering unparalleled artwork, meaningful moments with artists, and the discovery of new talent, a show night at Tabora is a cherished time.

Visit our Event Schedule, we look forward to seeing you!