Thursday, June 28, 2012

Golden Surge

"Golden Surge"

Dancing across gold
Shinning in its majesty
Surging with power

Roy Tabora creates poetry.  It might not be in haiku form or as defined by a dictionary, however the feeling and ideas expressed by his emotion dance in rhythmic song across canvas.  There are times when you cannot define poetry, only appreciate it and when it comes to Tabora’s seascapes the same is true.
Creating a surge of power that falls at our feet, the ocean taunts the setting sun with its breaking waves.  The sun waits patiently for the perfect moment, and then it illuminates the water with its golden glow, filling nature with warmth. The ocean beckons for you to cross the untouched sand, to come closer and taste its salty kiss. It wants you to feel powerless in its splendor, to be captivated by its majesty and swept away in its song.
Undefined and appreciated, a Tabora painting is poetry.

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