Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roy Tabora

Roy Tabora

For anyone that has experienced the magical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, and wanted to capture that beauty for eternity, the paintings of Roy Tabora will hold a special place in their heart.  His imagery evokes nature's beauty in a myriad of settings and may transport the audience to a time and place of his own creation. The personal interpretation of his world as seen through his eyes comes from his heart. These compositions reflect the artist's deepest convictions and silently project the emotions he feels.

However, in spite of all that has been said or read about the art, the best way to experience the art is to see it in person.  When you are inches away from it, imagine the artist in that same spot where you stand and try to imagine the last stroke that was placed. 

And just when you think you have experienced this art to its fullest, imagine it in your home where you can access inspiration on a daily basis, starting your day with a glorious sunrise and ending under starlit skies.



  1. Thirteen years ago, we were in Haleiwa visiting family and we walked into your studio. We were taken away by the beauty of your work. Unfortunately, at the time we were only able to purchase a print, but your store manager informed us you were on site. We asked to speak with you and not only were you gracious enough to come out and sign our print, but you shared with us your passion. You spent time showing us paintings and telling us about locations that had inspired them. Until this day, we have your framed and autographed print on our wall and think of that very special day every time we see it. Thank you for being not only a talented artist, but also a special person who imparts your passion to others.

  2. Hi great artist Roy Tabora
    I am a lover of your art, which I consider one of the masterpieces of Humanity.
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    My respect and Thank you very much great artist
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