Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At Journey's End

"At Journey's End"
In the words of Roy Tabora, "At Journey's End" illustrates the notion and the belief that every good endeavor is rewarded.  This "journey" may be small or it may be life itself and the reward is symbolized by the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The pot of gold is the breaking wave, a universal source of pleasure. The egrets in flight are the viewers (which I do not normally include in the painting) flying in the direction of the reward. Why two egrets? Because the best things in life are better shared with a loved one, always!

An artist embarks on a journey when they stand before a new canvas. They ponder the direction the brush will take, the blending of paint, and the technique they must utilize to reach their destination. It is not always an easy journey; even the most acclaimed artists can become lost in the midst of swirling colors. Why then does an artist even start when they know it’s so easy to go off the road? 

There is a moment for every artist when they realize the end of their rainbow is waiting.  Roy Tabora knows his destination. His mind has traveled the path for days and sometimes months waiting for the opportunity to be set free. Filled with overwhelming emotion, his hand guides the brush while listening to his inner spirit direct its path. As he reaches perfection with each stoke, he waits patiently until a place of pleasure and delight has been found.  The journey is over and the reward shines bright as he shares it with us all. 

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