Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why Art?

"Heaven on Earth"

If you google the phrase “inspired life” you will find hundreds of books, quotes, recipes and even a guru or two that tell you exactly what it is…“A life filled with passion, personal fulfillment, joy and delicious food.” You can travel down a multitude of cyberspace rabbit holes and spend hours trying to figure it out. I spent so much time searching, I forgot to get inspired!

At Tabora Gallery, your search for inspiration does not need a manual or a guru telling you how to get there. Our inspiration is simple, pure and speaks for itself. When art is created from the heart, it calls to you and asks to be yours forever. Art can inspire thinking, healing, new beginnings, goodbyes, love and so much more. It is different for everyone but the result is the same - art inspires.

The art of Roy Tabora inspires. Waking up in the paradise leaves only one choice, to embrace the feeling the islands provoke.  They feed the heart and ignite Roy’s passion to create. Found in a beautiful sunrise, stormy day, or a romantic full moon, these feelings dance across the canvas forming art that inspires life.

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